South Wilts – The ‘Not’ Boxing Day Shoot – 29 Dec 18


115 Archers shot our 30 Target course on a dry, calm, mild but overcast day.

From your feedback, the course was a good mixture of easy(ish), tricky & challenging, so well done John on setting your first Open Shoot course.

Many thanks to the whole SWAC team – Catering, Admin, Course Builders & Marshals.

But most of all, thank you archers for supporting us again.

Alan White, Field Shoot Organiser

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South Wilts Autumn Open Shoot – 2nd September 2018

146 archers shot our Autumn Open course of 40 x 3Ds on a lovely September day.  Feedback on the course was good again, thank you.

There were a few deer scampering around the wood to keep archers amused! Unusual as they normally disappear to adjoining land once they realize we have lots of guests. The open field shot perplexed a few, even cross bow and unlimited!

Thank you all for your company, we enjoyed it, we hope you did too.

Many thanks to all of our Team – Course setting & Marshalling, Catering and Admin.

Results can be found here – Shoot report

Alan White, Field Shoot Organiser

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South Wilts – Master Hunter Shoot – 15 July 2018

81 archers shot our Master Hunter course of 34 x 3Ds and 2 large Faces on a sunny, hot day.  Feedback on the course was good again, thank you.

A brief explanation of how we awarded Master Hunter Patches – having looked at the scores for our first two years running this round and chatting to Cloth of Gold on how they do it (thanks Jamie), we concluded that because every course is different, even year to year at the same Club, we would calculate the average of the top three scores in each Style/Class and use that as the minimum score for a Patch. Where a second &/or third highest score was below but very close to that minimum then they also received a Patch – see the results below. This ensures the best archer in each Style/Class on the day won a Patch as did their close rivals.

Thank you all for your company.

Many thanks to all of our Team – Course setting & Marshalling, Catering and Admin.

Alan White, Field Shoot Organiser

For the full results of the day please click here

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The BlueBell Shoot 6th May 2018

South Wilts – The Bluebell Shoot – 6 May 2018

162 archers shot our 40 target course (mostly 3Ds).  Weather – brilliant! Bluebells (& other fauna) – wonderful!  The day seemed to flow well with all groups finishing within an hour of each other. The big bear and the bison were challenging, especially the latter shooting from the open into the wood and with the sun in your face most of the day. Thank you for your kind comments – about the course and the catering – and for your company.

Congratulations to Rob Slatem on winning the John Lincoln Longbow Trophy.

Many thanks to David & the Field Team, Frank & Jill & the Catering Team and to Sue & Shauna for helping me with Admin.

Alan White, Field Shoot Organiser


 Oh, the worry!



 2     3


Hi Carol


Is he that far?     


                 Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring,                 


And that was before he won!

You did say triple cheese burger bacon & egg roll, didn’t you?

Results for the day can be found here

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30th December – Christmas ‘Not the Boxing Day’ NFAS Field Shoot

South Wilts – The Not Boxing Day Shoot  – 30 December 2017

115 archers shot our 30 Target course, mostly 3Ds but with a few hessians & faces. Because of the large number originally booked ten days before, we actually had 36 Targets in use to keep the group sizes down, but only 30 were shot and scored by each group. Yes, that means that the competition was not based on the same 30 targets! But it was billed as a 30 target Fun shoot plus we wanted to finish in daylight and for everyone to enjoy their day – which they seemed to do based on the good feedback we received. Thank you.

We were lucky that the weather was better than forecast with no rain and very light breezes. Thank you all for your company, it was a pleasure as always but my apologies for a couple of admin hiccups in the results.

Many thanks to David & the Field Team, Jill, Frank & the Catering Team, Kirstie & Mike for helping me with Admin and Shauna our Lady P.

Alan White, Field Shoot Organiser

Full Results can be found here Not the Boxing Day Shoot

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St Nicholas Shoot – 3rd December 2017

St Nicholas Shoot 2017

The smell of warm mince pies, stollen cake (not stolen) and mulled wine was in the air and silly hats were the order of the day as 20 SWAC archers took the shooting line for the Christmas St. Nicholas competition at Trafalgar School on Sunday, 3rd December. The sun was shining and small white clouds dotted the perfect blue sky; at Trafalgar School however the weather was completely different, with a heavy overcast, the threat of rain and a 10mph north-westerly.

Un-deterred, our archers launched into the first 4-dozen at 40 yards and quickly got amongst the mince pies at the break. They knocked off the 3 dozen at 30 yards in record time and finished off the remaining pies, cake, biscuits and wine while the admin team crunched some numbers applying the handicaps.

It was good to see a gaggle of field archers joining in and even better to see some newbies shooting too, some of whom had only joined the day before. Prizes consisted of large chocolate medals for the winners and hand-warmers for the runners-up and they were dished out as follows: –


  1st place 2nd place
Barebow Ladies Becky Upson Julia Paris
Barebow Gents Darren Newell Carl Gourley
Longbow Ladies Shauna Innell Justine Canham
Longbow Gents Sean Canham  
Recurve Ladies Jan Biles Jill Clarkson
Recurve Gents Andy Bruce-Burgess John Nicholls


Many thanks to everyone for turning out and particular thanks to Frank Clarkson for the catering, Jill Clarkson for the expertly applied handicaps and Julia Paris for handing out the prizes as Lady Paramount.


Alan Biles

Club Secretary

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South Wilts Lost in France Shoot – 3 September 2017

110 archers set off in the rain to shoot our 40 target, themed, timeline course. At least this time the weather was right for the Agincourt targets! The course was a combination of our previous 100 Years War and Agincourt Shoots. Lost in France? Well the history of the 100 Years War shows that we English & Welsh & Cornish were a bit ‘lost’ by the end, having lost most of our continental possessions!

22 of the targets were Paul Summerfield’s wonderful medieval painted hessian faces, with a couple also by Mike Pruitt. There were also 16 x 3Ds. Story boards at the target number (except for 3Ds) gave brief details of the Date & Battle each target represented and in some cases the character on the target included the coat of arms of a particular knight who had been killed or captured in that Battle. A picture of the target showing the kill was included under the story board. The costumes that some wore all added to the flavour of the occasion, albeit they got a bit soggy! Thanks to Pat Vince for being our Lady P. Thank you all for coming to share the day with us. Yet again the whole SWAC Team did a great job, so many thanks to for all your hard work.

Alan White, Field Shoot Organiser

Results here.

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