SWAC vs SUAC 2010

On November 17th a team of 7 archers from Southampton University Archery Club (SUAC) came to the SWAC Indoor Target range to take part in the first ever SWAC vs SUAC Team Challenge. The team was to comprise of the best 5 recurve archers and the top barebow score. It was very close but SWAC did win in the end by 84 points!

A massive thanks goes to Jo Sullivan for organising the event (a former SUAC member herself!). Here’s hoping that this competition will continue and will be repeated next winter!

SWAC Team winners (L-R): Ian, Alan, Dave, Peter, Sam & Mark

Team Scores:


1. Sam Bird (578-RC)

2. Brad Keogh (561-RC)

3. Richard Whiter (533-RC)

4. Chris Skipper (516-RC)

5. Jake Povall (505-RC)

6. Lexi Elliot (426-BB)

Total: 3119


1. Mark Phillips (558-RC)

2. Peter Durtnall (557-RC)

3. Dave Cornelius-Reid (545-RC)

4. Alan Biles (536-RC)

5. Ian Askew-Miller (530-RC)

6. Sam Moss (477-BB)

Total: 3203

SWAC win by 84 points!

Front Row (L-R): Alan, Brad, Richard, Sam, Lexi, Jake & Chris
Back Row (L-R): Ian, Peter, Sam, Mark & Dave


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