3rd SWAC St Nicholas Shoot

The re-scheduled St Nicholas ‘Handicap’ shoot finally took place at the end of January at Trafalgar School in Downton. Once again we had a few records broken and an enthusiastic turn-out despite the bitterly cold weather. As it was a handicap shoot, it is always exciting to see who wins – mostly those who shoot better than their handicap predicts! The winners can be seen below:

Gents Ladies
Pete Bullock (Compound)Andy Arnott (Compound)

Alan Biles (Recurve

Liz Robertson (Barebow)Jo Sullivan (Recurve)

Jan Biles (Barebow)

Junior Boy Junior Girl
Harry Budd Catherine Labdon

Congrats to Catherine, Harry, Billy and Sam for breaking the club records for the St Nicholas round. The full scores can be seen below:



Alan Biles Gents 684
Andy Bruce-Burgess Gents 654
Jo Sullivan Ladies 646
Dave Malson Gents 642
Tricia Potter Ladies 409
Chris Labdon Gents 373
Harry Budd U14 Junior Boys 365 *
Mark Horrocks Gents 344
Samantha Moss Ladies 650 *
Liz Robertson Ladies 522
Peter Durtnall Gents 446
Catherine Labdon U18 Junior Girl 397 *
Jan Biles Ladies 396
Billy Boston Gents 469 *
Andy Arnott Gents 752
Pete Bullock Gents 732
Owen Blackmore Gents 716

* Indicates a new SWAC Record

Many thanks to Alan and Jan Biles for organising this event and to Owen Blackmore for organising the Handicap scores! The 4th SWAC St Nicholas Handicap Shoot will be on Sunday 18th December 2011 (weather permitting!)


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