SWAC Wand Shoot 2012

Someone looks pleased with her arrows!

Entry forms for the 2012 ‘Wand’ Shoot taking place on 5th February 2012 can now be downloaded from our website:

The ‘wands’ are six feet tall and six inches wide positioned in a 3 foot diameter ‘ring’. You score 6 for hitting the wand and 1 for a ring.

  • Gents shoot 140yards
  • Ladies shoot 120 yards
  • Juniors shoot 100 yards

Location: Trafalgar School, Downton, Wiltshire, SP5 3HN

If you’re a member of GNAS or BLBS (or a junior member of SWAC) why not give it a go! It’s a heck of a lot of fun 🙂

SWAC members speak to our favourite Target Officer (Alan Biles) for more info and to find out how SWAC Juniors can take part 🙂


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