SWAC vs SUAC 2011

This was the second time archers from Southampton University Archery Club came up to Wyvern College for the SWAC vs SUAC team competition. The idea is that SUAC brings a team of 6 archers and SWAC will try to match it.

Last year SWAC were able to claim the trophy so it was very exciting to see what would happen this time round. Well, the results can be seen below:

As you can see, SWAC were the winners but only 58 points ahead!

It was so close, but SWAC did win but only by 58 points!

A huge congrats to all who took part; a lot of Personal Bests and Season’s Bests were set so all should be proud 🙂

A big thank you to SWAC’s Jo Sullivan for organising this event and we hope to see it happen again next year!

If anyone has any photos of the shoot, please forward them to SWAC@live.co.uk and they’ll be put online.

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