SWAC Funshoot report

Well, it was that time of year again when the indoor Christmas targets with their random scoring come out to play. Complete with archers dressed up in their festive finery and bows all tinseled up – the shoot went really well with many new faces taking part for the first time.

Well done to our three winners: Owen, Justine and Rickie 🙂

Results are as follows:


274 Justine Canham (RC) – Winner!
249 Tracy Goddard (RC)
224 Sam Moss (BB)
169 Nicola Stacey (BB)
153 Emily Brown (RC)
140 Liz Robertson (BB)
129 Veronica McClune (BB)
128 Jan Biles (BB)


420 Owen Blackmore (CU) – Winner!
416 Alan Gray (CU)
414 Andy Arnott (CU)
338 Mark Phillips (RC)
331 Ian Askew-Miller (RC)
299 Tom Askew-Miller (CU)
261 Peter Durtnall (RC)
254 Mike List (BB)
247 Bob Edwards (RC)
244 Pete Dixon (BB)
244 Sean Canham (RC)
227 Pete Baxter (RC)
196 Lee (?) (RC)
185 Felton Kelly (BB)
166 Chris Labdon (RC)
159 Alan Biles (LB)
154 John Austin (BB)
150 Ian Ashbolt (RC)
114 Greg Steel (RC)


328 Rickie Gray (CU) – Winner!
190 Stuart McClune (BB)
186 Catherine Labdon (BB)
161 Emily (BB)
143 Calum McClune (BB)
107 Charlotte Austin (BB)


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