SWAC St Nick shoot 2011

Despite the week’s worries about the weather – it turned out to be a lovely winter’s day with a chilly breeze only appearing towards the end of the comp.

18 archers made it on the day representing all GNAS bowstyles – including junior Ricky Gray shooting primitive! A couple of records were broken on the day and some very encouraging scores were submitted by many of our newer members.

As always this annual shoot is based on a handicap system (see more here) where you are essentially trying to beat your own handicap! This means that all archers and bowstyles can compete in the one category.

Many thanks to Alan & Jan for organising the event, Pete B for sorting out the handicaps and to Owen for working out the results. Lets hope more SWAC members can make it to next year’s shoot 🙂


1st Gent: John Austin (Longbow)
1st Lady: Sam Moss (Barebow)
1st Junior Boy: Ricky Gray
1st Junior Girl: Catherine Labdon

Alan Gray (Gent CU) 736
Andy Arnott (Gent CU) 736
Owen Blackmore (Gent CU) 728
Dave Malson (Gent RC) 706
Andy Bruce-Burgess (Gent RC) 698
Alan Biles (Gent RC) 666
Ian Askew-Miller (Gent RC) 658
Sam Moss (Lady BB) 656 – 1st Lady
John Newland (Gents RC) 648
Pete Dixon (Gents BB) 588 – 2nd Gent
Greg Steel (Gent RC) 561 – 3rd Gent
Jan Biles (Lady RC) 532 – 2nd Lady
John Austin (Gent LB) 385 – 1st Gent
Catherine Labdon (Girls BB) 362 – 1st Girl
Sean Canham (Gents RC) 357
Chris Labdon (Gents RC) 265
Liz Robertson (Lady BB) 257 – 3rd Lady
Ricky Gray (Boys BB) 79 – 1st Boy


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