NFAS Bluebell Weekend Shoot – 5th/6th May

We had some worries about the campsite as a few days before it was soggy across the bottom and even at the top three caravan spaces were doing a very good impersonation of a large puddle! However a few wary but wise souls decided to travel rather than camp so that eased the pressure (Thank You) and I didn’t hear of anyone needing a lifeboat!

On Saturday 152 archers set off in dull & cold conditions but no rain, just plenty of sticky slippery mud! In the evening quite a few of them were able to console themselves with a jar or two of a couple of specials from a local brewery – one was named Bluebell just for us. For the 154 that shot on Sunday, the morning was the same, but the sun made an appearance in the afternoon and evening.

Sorry, if those of you who shot on Saturday were hoping to rely on your memory for Sunday – you should have known better! Pete & Al do enjoy catching you out – perhaps that’s why the pegs for that ‘orrible Bison shot on Saturday were right next to the Tea Tent! And when a certain UL Gent shot a 10 on it, there were a few Cheshire cat grins to be seen. We were delighted by your kind comments (but we won’t forget those few points of constructive criticism) and thank you for your company, we enjoyed having you all here.

So many thanks to all our teams of gals and guys who beaver away at their tasks all weekend to make the whole thing hang together. And a special thanks to many of them who spent a lot of time getting everything ready in the weeks before, but particularly the ‘terrible twins’ (Pete & Al) who both gave up the previous week to ensure you had a good shoot.

And finally a personal thank you from me for the cash collection for archery kit at the Regional Spinal Treatment Centre here in Salisbury. You raised £100 on the day – bless you all. Plus I was told to expect another £50 in the post – what a star. The Club also kindly matched that total. I know the patients will really appreciate your generosity – I will see it in their faces.

Alan White, Field Tournament Organiser

Full results and more photos from the weekend are now available on our website

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