5th May – NFAS Bluebell Shoot

165 archers shot our 40 x 3D course with the Bluebells almost at their peek. The weather was warm with sunny periods, just right. Thank you for your company, we enjoyed our day.

From the kind comments received it seems Pete & Al hit the mark again. In fact I think it was probably the best course they have put on. A fitting tribute then for Pete Dixon’s last shoot as Field Officer after 7 years at the helm. Those that were here showed their appreciation when the announcement was made.

But I’m sure many more of you that have shot their courses will want to join me and the rest of SWAC in thanking Pete and Al Gray for all their hard work over the years and for those wonderful courses. Not an easy act to follow but I know we will be able to count on their advice when we need it.

Thank you also to my admin team (sorry about the hitch!), to our wonderful catering gang and raffle ticket sellers.
The full results are now available here

Alan White, Chairman & Field Shoot Organiser

More pictures of the day are here


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