25th October – Agincourt 600 Field Shoot

IMG_0677138 archers sallied forth to shoot our 36 target, themed, timeline course, picking up the story where we left off on the 100 Years War Shoot and taking us from Harfleur through the Agincourt campaign to the later stages of the 100 Years War. I apologised for the weather not being ‘Agincourt like’ but no one seemed to object to the dry, sunny, warm, windless day. So much for historical accuracy!

The large majority of targets were Paul Summerfield’s wonderful medieval targets painted on hessian, with a couple also by Mike Pruitt. There were also a good number of 3Ds. Story boards at the target number (except for 3Ds) gave brief details of the Date & Battle each target IMG_0699represented and in some cases the character on the target included the coat of arms of a particular knight who had been killed or captured in that Battle. A picture of the target showing the kill was included under the story board.

The costumes that many wore all added to the flavour of the occasion. Our thanks to the venerable Vincent for presenting the medals. We were very grateful for all the positive feed back. Thank you all for coming to share the day with us. Yet again the whole SWAC Team did a great job, so many thanks to for all your hard work.

Alan White, Field Shoot OrganiserIMG_0777

Full results are now available on our website
More pictures of the day can also be found online

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