30th December – Christmas ‘Not the Boxing Day’ NFAS Field Shoot

South Wilts – The Not Boxing Day Shoot  – 30 December 2017

115 archers shot our 30 Target course, mostly 3Ds but with a few hessians & faces. Because of the large number originally booked ten days before, we actually had 36 Targets in use to keep the group sizes down, but only 30 were shot and scored by each group. Yes, that means that the competition was not based on the same 30 targets! But it was billed as a 30 target Fun shoot plus we wanted to finish in daylight and for everyone to enjoy their day – which they seemed to do based on the good feedback we received. Thank you.

We were lucky that the weather was better than forecast with no rain and very light breezes. Thank you all for your company, it was a pleasure as always but my apologies for a couple of admin hiccups in the results.

Many thanks to David & the Field Team, Jill, Frank & the Catering Team, Kirstie & Mike for helping me with Admin and Shauna our Lady P.

Alan White, Field Shoot Organiser

Full Results can be found here Not the Boxing Day Shoot

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