County Champs!

Here is the ‘wall of fame’ for our county champs! Please note: If you are interested in taking part in Target Competitions you will need to be a member of GNASfor club members under 18 this is free! Please speak to either Ian Askew-Miller, Alan Biles or Peter Durtnall for more advice.

DWAA Outdoor County Champs:

August 2012

  • Sam Moss – Ladies Barebow

DWAA Indoor County Champs:

March 2013

  • Jon Newland – Gents Barebow
  • Catherine Labdon – Ladies Under 18 Barebow
  • Ian Askew-Miller, Dave Malson, Alan Biles, Justine Canham – Mixed Recurve Team

March 2012

  • Billy Boston – Gentlemen Longbow
  • Mike List – Gentlemen Barebow
  • Catherine Labdon – Junior Ladies Barebow
  • Alan Biles, Tony Lewis, Justine Canham, Dave Cornelius-Reid – Mixed Recurve Team

March 2011

  • Samantha Moss – Ladies Barebow
  • Catherine Labdon – Junior Girls Barebow
  • Thomas Askew Miller – U18 Boy Compound

February 2010

  • Thomas Askew Miller – U18 Boy Compound
  • Dylan Bartlett – U14 Boys Compound
  • Catherine Labdon – U14 Girls Barebow
  • Samantha Moss – Ladies Barebow

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