St Nicholas Shoot – 3rd December 2017

St Nicholas Shoot 2017

The smell of warm mince pies, stollen cake (not stolen) and mulled wine was in the air and silly hats were the order of the day as 20 SWAC archers took the shooting line for the Christmas St. Nicholas competition at Trafalgar School on Sunday, 3rd December. The sun was shining and small white clouds dotted the perfect blue sky; at Trafalgar School however the weather was completely different, with a heavy overcast, the threat of rain and a 10mph north-westerly.

Un-deterred, our archers launched into the first 4-dozen at 40 yards and quickly got amongst the mince pies at the break. They knocked off the 3 dozen at 30 yards in record time and finished off the remaining pies, cake, biscuits and wine while the admin team crunched some numbers applying the handicaps.

It was good to see a gaggle of field archers joining in and even better to see some newbies shooting too, some of whom had only joined the day before. Prizes consisted of large chocolate medals for the winners and hand-warmers for the runners-up and they were dished out as follows: –


  1st place 2nd place
Barebow Ladies Becky Upson Julia Paris
Barebow Gents Darren Newell Carl Gourley
Longbow Ladies Shauna Innell Justine Canham
Longbow Gents Sean Canham  
Recurve Ladies Jan Biles Jill Clarkson
Recurve Gents Andy Bruce-Burgess John Nicholls


Many thanks to everyone for turning out and particular thanks to Frank Clarkson for the catering, Jill Clarkson for the expertly applied handicaps and Julia Paris for handing out the prizes as Lady Paramount.


Alan Biles

Club Secretary


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